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Mock Interviews with Future Focus

The Nyman Foundation is dedicated to inspiring and empowering students with the skills they need for success in their future careers. To this end, we are proud to have supported the Future Focus class at a local high school through our volunteer-driven programs. Our board members offered mock interviews and other professional advice that exposed the students to potential career paths and helped them hone their interview skills.

Mock interviews are a great way to prepare high school students for the real thing when it comes to job interviewing. Not only does this help students develop job interviewing skills, but it gives them valuable experience in talking about themselves and articulating their future goals.

At the end of the 2022-2023 school year, some of our board members conducted mock interviews with the students from Future Focus. The goal was to give them a realistic experience as if they were applying for a job. By providing constructive feedback on body language, communication style, and professional demeanor during these interviews, our board members helped the students gain valuable insight into the job market.

The Nyman Foundation believes in investing in our youth and inspiring them to reach for their goals. We are grateful for all the volunteers who took part in making Future Focus a success, and we look forward to continuing this journey with more classes over the years.

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