Success Stories

                                                            Did You Know?? 
In 2017 and 2018 our Board of Directors provided financial support for the Girls on the Run team from Hoover Elementary School in Salem.  Our donation provided shoes and running shorts for this team after they completed the 10 week program which combines life skills, leadership, running and personal character development lessons for girls grades 3-5.  The after-school program, led by volunteer coaches, culminates in a 5K running race for the girls.  Two of our Board members, Amanda and Dave, ran with participants on the Hoover team in Corvallis in June 2017 and with the team in Portland in 2018.

The Nyman Foundation supports Financial Beginnings, YEBW and FBLA

Financial Beginnings offered a fall conference for teachers on October 14 and 15, 2016.  The Nyman Foundation provided funds allowing Financial Beginnings to provide partial scholarships to approximately 10 teachers who wanted to attend.  In 2017 the Foundation provided a sponsorship and help organize a joint Financial Beginnings and Career Technical Education fall conference at Canby HS.  Board members conducted sessions as part of the conference.  Contact Financial Beginnings for details about the 2018 conference.

Canby HS has had almost 5000 students participate in their Future Focus careers program in the past 10 years.  Many students participated in  unpaid internships and some of those students landed jobs with the sponsoring business.  Keep up the good work Canby Cougars!!! The Nyman Foundation is proud to partner with you.

Guppy Tank

In fall 2016 and fall 2017 the Nyman Foundation collaborated with the Entrepreneurship class at Canby High School and conducted its first ever guppy tank (think mini shark tank).  The Foundation provided each student with funds to initiate a small business.  Students developed a business plan, created their product or service, did marketing and sales and then presented the results to a panel of Board members.  The students earned more money than was initially provided by the Foundation and it has become seed money for our 2017 guppy tank effort at Canby.  Three students each year were presented with awards of excellence and provided full scholarships to YEBW summer business week. 

YEBW Scholarship Recipient 2016

Michael Lam received a partial scholarship from the Foundation for the YEBW summer institute.

Thank you Nyman Foundation for aiding me in my endeavor. The scholarship was a big help. I very much enjoyed the investing week, and I plan on coming back again next year for entrepreneur week. I owe it to your help that has really pushed me to realize something big for these upcoming years, and without it I probably would not of thought of it.  During the week I met a lot of new friends. These were smart and wonderful people full of energy. Either it was an adult or student like me, I connected with almost 30 people on social media like LinkedIn and Snapchat. These are people I have been keeping in contact recently for future opportunities when I get into business world and also as good friends who share the interest of business with me.

YEBW Scholarship Recipients 2015
Steven Morris, Alicia Tang, Kyle Thommen and Josh Solares each received a partial scholarship from the Foundation for the YEBW summer institute.

YEBW Scholarship Recipient 2014

Michael Lam received a partial scholarship from the Foundation for the YEBW summer institute and reported, "This program is going to help me massively in the future."

YEBW Scholarship Recipients 2013

Congratulations to Andrea Uribe and Alexis Diaz who were provided with partial scholarships from the Nyman Foundation to attend the 2013 summer session of Young Entrepreneurs Business Week.

YEBW Scholarship Recipients 2012: Kudos to Ryan Kelly

Ryan was the scholarship recipient for summer 2012 and attended YEBW at OSU.  According to Ryan, his week-long experience was engaging throughout.  

Future Business Leaders of America - FBLA

The Foundation has provided financial support for the Canby HS FBLA advisors to attend the State Conference with their student teams and have judged at the State competition.

Dave Guile and Mark Nyman have been judges at the FBLA State Conference in the Entrepreneurship competition. 

Sample Responses from over 100 mock interviews conducted at a local high school:

Dear Mark Nyman,

I learned a lot from this interview. I appreciate that you were straight forward and told me what I needed to work on for my next interview. I also appreciate that your constant feedback helped me know how I was doing.


Dear Tracy Sanderson,

This interview helped me become a confident person and it made me less stressed about what an actual interview is like. During the interview I learned I maintain good eye contact (which is a struggle for me), but I also learned I need to prepare sooner so I can be more detailed about my answers and experiences.


Dear Mark Nyman,

Thanks to the feedback you gave me, I learned that I needed to create a better resume, make more eye contact, and use my portfolio more in an interview.  This experience will greatly help me in an interview for a job.


Dear Dave Guile,

I am very glad I had the chance to have a mock interview.  I now know what to expect in my future job interviews. I can use your feedback on body language, speaking slowly, and listening in my interviews.  Thank you very much.


Dear Tracy Sanderson,

The interview was a good experience. I learned that if I ask more questions I probably have a better chance of being hired.  Thank you for taking time to to do the mock interview.


An FBLA Reflection From Two of Our Former Board Members

I was in FBLA for 3 years and went to the regional, state and then the national convention in Salt Lake City.  FBLA gave me a basis and context for the “real world of business”.  We were required to dress professionally and we learned what professional dress was.  FBLA gave me a confidence and a lot of information about the world of work at the corporate level.  When I graduated from college and later worked my way into a position as Human Resource Manager, I was more prepared thanks to FBLA. 

Linda Wilmes-Smith

As an FBLA Adviser for nine years, I had the opportunity to work with hundreds of Oregon FBLA students including three state officers.  One of my FBLA students was a very quiet freshman with a low self-esteem.   Her four-year involvement in FBLA changed her life and as a junior she was elected the Oregon FBLA Secretary and as a senior she competed at the national competition in Orlando, Florida.  She graduated from college and is successful in her career. FBLA allows students to learn and express themselves in a positive and supportive environment.  FBLA brings education and the business world together to provide real-life experiences for students to enhance their success in their future career.

Diana Glenn 

Oregon Council for the Social Studies - Congratulations to Rebekah Wolf

Monica Nyman with Rebekah Wolf at the 2013 OCSS Conference

Congratulations to Rebekah, the recipient of the Nyman Foundation's Support for Teachers award at the 2013 Oregon Council for the Social Studies (OCSS) fall conference.  Rebekah was awarded a $100 reimbursement voucher to use for classroom supplies and materials.  Rebekah is a teacher at Portland Lutheran School.  The Foundation also sponsored 10 teachers to attend the conference.